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    My boss is the expert salesman. He can take a person or group of people and turn them around to his way of thinking in short order. We opened a corporate office in Singapore, and half of the staff was going to be Americans who would rotate in and out of service there as time went on. It was easy to get young, unattached executives to sign up, but the older ones with families needed more convincing. Condo tours, great food, magnificent entertainment and a transport company in Singapore were what I used to convince them to sign on the dotted line.

    The boss was paying high incentives to go. Moving expenses for entire families were being covered, multi-bedroom condos were already leased, and a tour of places in Singapore and Malaysia were all planned. The goal was to show the execs and their families that a couple of years working in Singapore would be a lucrative adventure they just could not pass up. We had to do this in order to have some senior management with experience there. Otherwise, the entire office would have been made up of individuals not far removed from their intern days.

    The transport company in Singapore took our people all around to see the wonderful sights of both Singapore and parts of mainland Malaysia. Our people were impressed with the modern urbanization of the island nation of Singapore. They were impressed with everything about the country and that English was an official language of the country. Taking the tour in person in comfortable buses convinced the people my boss wanted to sign up to make the commitment. I’m telling you, he could sell sand to a desert dweller or ice to an Eskimo, and have both parties be happy to have made the purchases! He always says how it’s all in the presentation.

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