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    Laser cutting technology is used to make precision cuts in a range of materials including wood, metal, plastics, glass, and leather. The result is a beautiful and unique project that will be cherished for years to come. A laser cutting machine is very versatile and easy to use so they are a hit with both small manufacturing companies and at-home hobbyists. The type of machine to purchase will largely depend on the size of the operation as well as the medium to be used in the cutting process.


    Laser machines create beautiful etched glass results. Using a laser machine is ideal because of the lower cost to traditional glass etching methods. Laser machines are also easier to use and offer more flexibility in design choices.


    Many different metals ranging from gold and other precious metals to alloy steel have a laser cutting application. Both FIBER and gas laser cutting technology is used with metals, and may be chosen based on the thickness of the metal to be etched or engraved.


    Some of the most popular uses for acrylic applications is making signs, advertising displays, photo etching, and awards or trophies. Acrylic is an excellent medium to work with because it can be shaped and then cut into a host of different options across a range of colors.


    Using a laser cutting machine on wood produces a beautiful product due to the surface discoloration of the natural wood. The best wood to use will have a low amount of resin and a smooth grain.

    Rubber Stamps

    Laser machines make customized rubber stamps easily affordable. The result is a clear and crisp image that works well with customary inks used in stamping.


    Leather is often used in laser cutting due to its durability and many color options. Leather is a tough material and can be hard on traditional engraving tools. A laser machine makes a precise cut resulting in a clean image that will remain beautiful for years to come.

    What machine to look for

    Laser cutting machines can make designs on a myriad of different mediums. Selecting the right machine will help you make beautiful products for your home or clients. Choose a machine based on the materials that will be used and the space you have. Contact a laser cutting machine specialist for more help in selecting the best machine for your needs.

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